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Why Choose Organic Weed Killers

There are a variety of effective organic weed killers on the market and you can you can even make your own with items from around the house. There are two main benefits of organic weed killers over traditional chemical weed killers, natural weed killer is environmentally safe and it poses little threat to you and your family. Organic weed killers also are very effective, they work by disrupting organic plant material simply by reacting with it and you will see immediate results.

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Benefits of Organic Weed Killers

Most organic weed killers work by burning off the waxy cuticle that protects the plants’ cells from losing water. It is so effective that after spraying it on the weed, you will see immediate results. A major benefit of organic herbicides is that they only kill plants that are directly sprayed, so other nearby plants will not be affected, as well as any bulbs underground or tree roots nearby. Traditional chemical weed killers on the other hand can have many negative effects on the environment and contaminate your soil and deplete nutrients, as well as get into nearby water ways.

Organic Weed KillersNatural organic weed killers are simple substances found in nature that will destroy plant life for only a short period and not affect the soil or water in any adverse way. Organic weed killers are created from substances found naturally in the environment and then used in small quantities. Natural weed killers affect only the target plant and do not enter the food chain or organic waste stream. After use their damaging effect quickly dissipates unlike with chemical weed killers which can affect the soil for years.

Organic weed killers also have another big plus over non-organic chemical weed killers in the fact that they will not leave lasting affects on the plants that they kill, so you can safely add them into your compost without worrying about any adverse affects.

Best Choices Of Organic Weed Killers

There are many different types of organic weed killers on the market. Most work by spraying an acidic content on unwanted weeds, changing the pH of the plant enough to damage and kill it. Organic weed killers that are acid-based are not selective and can affect nearby plants if they come in direct contact with it, so care should be taken when used.

Acetic Acid (Vinegar) Vinegar contains acetic acid which works by burning the leaves and stems. Vinegar will kill or harm any above ground plant that it comes in contact with so be careful when using. What makes it safe for the environment is the fact that it will not transfer into the roots or soil and only affect the leaves and stem of the plant as long as you only spray the plant and do not get too much on the ground.

To avoid damaging or killing your plants that you do not want affected, you may consider wiping the solution on the leafy parts of the weeds you wish to kill instead of spraying them. If you prefer to apply using this method be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Corn Gluten Meal Corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn processing and milling. It is a natural pre-emergent, it works by absorbing surface moisture needed by tiny germinating seeds. It does not affect established plants, since they have a developed root system and can reach water below the effects of the corn gluten meal.

Corn gluten meal inhibits growth of dandelions, crabgrass and other annual weeds. The gluten meal contains nitrogen and protein. When using it as a pre-emergent organic weed killer, make sure it is at least 60 percent corn gluten meal.

Store Bought Organic Weed Killers There are variety of organic weed control products for available. Make sure to select ones that are all organic, meaning no chemicals have been added to them. Most retail organic weed killers are either vinegar based, natural oil based or made from herbicidal soap. They all work in the same way and are all safe for the environment.

The best choice for store bought organic weed killers may be WeedPharm, which is extremely effective and is the only food-grade herbicide currently on the market. It’s 20% acetic acid and it works the same way as the other organic herbicide sprays. It can also be injected into the taproots of dandelions or the base of the plant using a syringe. The best thing about this method is that you can kill dandelions fully in any weather, and you can kill dandelions even if they’re coming up in the center of other plants or in your lawn

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Home Made Organic Weed Killers

Organic weed killers can be made easily at home by just simply looking around your kitchen. All the ingredients you need to rid your garden, flower beds or yard of any unwanted weeds are probably already in your house. The following is the probably the most quick and easy weed killing recipe:

• 1 gallon of white vinegar
• 1 cup of table salt
• 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap

That's all you'll need and it's very effective. Combine these three items, making sure that the salt completely dissolves. Once mixed, the best way to apply this organic weed killer is with a spray bottle or a pressurized sprayer that can be found at your local garden supply store.

On a hot day spray your mixture directly on any unwanted weeds, making sure to avoid spraying any plants that you do not want to affect. And it is also a good idea to avoid getting to much on the soil as it may sterilize the soil depending on the amount. To avoid damaging or killing your plants that you do not want affected, you may consider wiping the solution on the leafy parts of the weeds you wish to kill instead of spraying them. If you prefer to apply using this method be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

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