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Save Money With a Tankless Water Heater

Standard water heaters use energy all day everyday, wasting gas or electricity and costing you a lot of wasted money on your energy bill. Also with a standard water heater you are limited to the amount of water that your tank can hold. However, a tankless water heater is very energy efficient, only using energy when the hot water is being used, which saves both wasted energy and money. Besides being very energy efficient, a tankless water heater takes up much less space, and is very easier to maintain and operate compared to a standard water heater.

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Tankless Water Heater

With a tankless water heater you can will no longer have to live with the shortages of hot water you may experience with your standard water heater. Typically with a standard water heater you will run out of hot water if you are the second person to take a shower, or if you need to use two sources of hot water at the same time. With a tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water. Many tankless water heater models can even keep up with two showers at the same time INDEFINITELY.

Tankless Water HeaterBecause of rising energy prices we must change the way we heat our water, to not only save money on our energy bills, but to also reduce our use of natural resources used to heat the water. The payback period for tankless water heaters is general around three to seven years depending on how much hot water you use and the cost of energy in your area. And your tankless water heater will last a very long time with an expected life of 20 years or more. Tankless water heaters are able to lower your energy bill because unlike standard water heaters, they do not experience standby heat loss from having to continuously heat and reheat the water. With a tankless water heater, your water is only heated when needed.

Tankless Water Heater Technology

A whole house tankless water heater is an excellent solution for most standard homes. It will support two simultaneous showers in the dead of winter and three showers in warmer tempatures. In addition to saving money on your monthly utilities bill with a whole house tankless water heater, you are eligible tax credit simply by installing a tankless water heater in your home.

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How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

A tankless water heater works by heating water as it runs through the water heater when the hot water faucet is turned on, unlike a standard water heater, where hot water is stored in a tank and continuously heated. Therefore, tankless water heaters avoid the standby heat losses associated with storage water heaters. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit where an electric element or gas burner, depending on the type of tank, heats the water. As a result, a tankless water heater delivers a constant supply of hot water so that you to not have to wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water. Tankless water heaters can be 24% - 34% more energy efficient than conventional water heaters with a storage tank. Tankless water heaters also can be 8% - 14% more energy efficient for homes that use a lot of hot water, around 86 gallons per day.

Tankless water heaters have been the norm in much of Europe and Japan for many years and are slowly gaining popularity recently in the United States due to the green movement. A tankless water heater last about five to 10 years longer than a standard tank heater, they take up much less space and provide you with an unlimited amount of hot water. The only real downside of a tankless water heater system is the up front cost which can be up to three times as much as a standard water heater and often requires costly upgrades to your natural gas line and an expensive venting system. However it is cost-effective to switch from your traditional tank heating system due to the savings you will experience on your monthly energy bill and it will more than pay for itself over it's lifetime.

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Tankless Water Heater Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heaters are very energy efficient, only using energy when the hot water is being used.

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