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Pennsylvania Organic Landscapers

Pennsylvania Organic Landscapers

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Pennsylvania Organic Landscapers

Finding affordable Pennsylvania organic landscapers and lawn care services has never been easier. Choosing a sustainable approach to lawn maintenance creates rich organic soil which is the foundation to healthy plants and a healthy lawn.

Find local Pennsylvania organic landscapers that offer:

Organic Lawn Maintenance
Organic Landscaping Services
Organic Lawn Fertilizers
Organic Weed Control
Organic Pest Control

Choose from local Pennsylvania organic landscapers that integrate organic lawn care services designed with the environment in mind. You will find professionals who understand that their customers wish to use only eco-friendly organic lawn fertilizers and organic lawn care products. They will provide you with organic lawn care options that are effective in helping produce a green, healthy lawn as well as eco-friendly landscaping options.

Why Choose Organic Landscapers

By selecting a company from our Pennsylvania organic lawn maintenance directory, you are choosing a company that is focused on working in harmony with nature and provides services that are designed to boost natural growth and create a sustainable landscape for your home. Make the healthy choice for your family and the environment, choose organic!

Choose Local Professional

Pennsylvania Organic Landscapers

Pennsylvania Organic Lawn MaintenanceShamrock Lawn Care
Chester County, Pennsylvania

(610) 990-3300

Shamrock Lawn Care uses an organic all natural lawn fertilizer that is 100% safe for you, your children, your pets, and the environment. Our products have been tried and tested for over 20 years and will provide the proper nourishment to your turf and soil.

Pennsylvania Organic LandscapersGreen Lawn Fertilizing, Inc
1004 Saunders Lane
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380

(888) 581-5296

Green Lawn Fertilizing is a small, local lawn and tree care company that provides you with superior, personalized attention. Our professional technicians have all been through rigorous hands on training by certified applicators and are properly licensed, insured, and certified.

Pennsylvania Organic LandscapersGrassroots Lawn Care
P.O. Box 1012
Royersford, Pennsylvania 19468

(610) 495-1644

Your home is a key investment and Grassroots Lawn Care will protect your investment by providing quality lawn care and property maintenance all season long. We use only the best procedures and processes designed to protect the environment, yet keep your lawn and landscape healthy.

Pennsylvania Organic Lawn ServicesEcoGardens
409 Bryn Mawr Ave
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 19004

(610) 513-1735

EcoGardens utilizes organic practices in the home landscape for the best results. We work with natural systems to create lawns and gardens that are a haven for your family and local creatures, and produce fresh, organic, delicious edibles, all without the need for dangerous chemicals.

Pennsylvania Landscaping CompaniesGo Green Lawns
23 Westtown Road
Thornton, Pennsylvania 19373

(610) 459-2955

Go Green Lawns offers eco-friendly lawn care and fertilization. We are committed to providing organic lawn care at reasonable prices with the best service available. We are a family owned business that understands the expectations of our customers.

Pennsylvania Landscaping ServicesGreen Man Enviroscaping
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

(610) 442-7964

Green Man Enviroscaping emphasizes native plantings, natural solutions, and organic materials for the health and welfare of your property, the land surrounding it, and for the people and animals who use it. Specializing in woodlands & meadows that blend the home landscape into the natural surroundings.

Pennsylvania Landscaping ServicesGreenWeaver Landscapes, LLC
P.O. Box 225
Lenni, Pennsylvania 19052

(610) 358-8900

GreenWeaver Landscapes, LLC, a full service landscape company, specializes in sustainable landscapes for both commercial and residential customers. We believe that land stewardship is our responsibility, we strive to provide excellent service in an environmentally friendly manner.

Keys From The Professionals

Pennsylvania Organic Landscapers

Choosing to keep a landscape that works with the natural setting by using native plants is a great place to start for organic landscaping. Native plants naturally thrive in your area and because of this it is easier and more environmentally friendly to landscape with them. The use of exotic plants or non-native plants tend to need more water and fertilization.

For a lush, healthy green lawn, aeration is a great organic choice that cuts out the need for constant fertilization. Aeration relieves soil compaction by punching holes in the ground which gives the roots more room to grow deeper, and gives earthworms and other organisms that naturally help the health of your grass, more room to move around in your soil. This results in naturally healthy grass that withstands pests better and keeps weeds out on its own.

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