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Oregon Residential Solar Panels
Residential Solar Panels

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The use of residential solar panels in Oregon can reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bills. Solar electrical systems seamlessly feed your home with clean solar electricity and then send the excess solar energy to the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards during the day. Oregon residential solar panels dramatically reduce your electric bill while at the same time improve the quality of the environment.

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Oregon Residential Solar Panels

Oregon Residential Solar Panels

Sunergy Systems

Serving Oregon & Washington

(800) 997-0086

Sunergy Systems solar solutions can reduce or completely eliminate your electric bills. We have both design and engineering expertise and offer a 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Choose Sunergy Systems to install your residential solar panels.


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Why Choose Residential Solar Panels?

Oregon Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are easy to install and maintain since they are self-contained and modular and they can be designed to offset some or all of your energy needs. Residential solar panels can be placed beside your home using a ground stand, or they can be mounted on your roof for horizontal or angled use, depending on your roof type. With proper solar panel installation, each panel will be able to withstand strong winds and work efficiently for decades. You can also expect your property to increase in value with the addition of residential solar panels. To take the first step to energy independence, browse through the following companies that offer design and installation of Oregon residential solar panels.

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Oregon Residential Solar Panels

Oregon Residential Solar Panels Sunlight Solar Energy
4 NW Franklin Ave
Bend, Oregon 97701

(541) 322-1910

Sunlight Solar Energy designs and installs residential solar panels and solar thermal systems throughout Oregon and provide everything you need to power your home with solar energy, from custom systems to financing that fits your budget.

Solar Electrical SystemsSunergy Systems
4546 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA 98107 (Serving Oregon)

(800) 997-0086

Sunergy Systems residential solar panels can reduce or completely eliminate your electric bills. They have both design and engineering expertise and offer a 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty and offer both service and maintenance.

Oregon Residential Solar Panels Bobcat & Sun Inc.
65548 78th
Bend, Oregon 97701

(541) 389-7365

Bobcat & Sun can help you to become more energy efficient with the installation of solar water heating or residential solar panels for your home. Their solar water heating systems are virtually maintenance-free and can save you money.

Solar PanelsMr. Sun Solar
6125 NE Portland Highway
Portland, Oregon 97218

(888) SOL-RELY

Mr. Sun Solar specializes in sales, design, installation and service of solar energy products. They focus on complete solar hot water, residential solar panels and solar pool heating systems for homes and businesses both on and off the grid.

Solar Residential Solar PanelsSmart Solar Inc.
20727 High Desert Court
Bend, Oregon 97701

(541) 548-7887

Smart Solar offers a unique web based monitoring solution that provide detailed information about your residential solar system and its performance. With an easy to use interface your able to understand exactly how your system functions in real-time.

Residential Solar PanelsSolar Assist
1395 Cross Street
Eugene, Oregon 97402

(541) 338-4957

Solar Assist provides technologies that can help move you towards dependence on the sun instead of conventional energy sources. Residential installation prices typically range between $8-11/watt depending upon complexity and size.

Oregon SolarKing Sun Solar
2850 May St.
Hood River, Oregon 97031

(541) 436-0800

Competitive Solar specializes in financing, engineering and installation of commercial and residential solar panels. They offer both traditional poly-crystaline solar modules, as well as many new thin film modules which has many advantages.

Future City SolarFuture City Solar
1631 NE Broadway #320
Portland, Oregon 97232

(503) 407-6820

Future City Solar is a full service solar electric contractor that designs and installs the highest quality commercial and residential solar panels. Their mission is to provide Oregon residents with clean and green affordable solar energy.

Renewable Energy SystemsRenewable Energy Systems
PO Box 2192
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

(541) 592-3958

Renewable Energy Systems is Southern Oregon's premier installer of solar electric systems. They design and install professional grade residential solar panels. Their commercial and residential photovoltaic systems fit any application.

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Incentives For Choosing

Oregon Residential Solar Panels

There are many financial incentives available for the purchase of Oregon residential solar panels. Local and federal rebate incentives make solar power more affordable than ever. The federal government offers many incentives, as do local state government, local agencies and utility companies. Most states also have legislated feed-in tariff designed to encourage more people to invest in their own solar power generation array and sell the excess back to the power company. Currently, the federal government is offering large cash rebates and tax incentives for the installation of residential solar panels.

The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 includes the long-awaited extension of the solar investment tax credit which not only improves the federal solar tax credit from a flat $2000 to 30% of total system and installation costs, it also extends the tax incentive for the next eight years. Many of the above Oregon solar panel installation companies will guide you through all of the available tax incentive and rebates that are available to you with the purchase of Oregon residential solar panels.

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